The Narconon sauna detox program is a comprehensive program that allows former drug users to detoxify their bodies through a supervised and regimented ‘sweat out’ method. This method along with proper sleep, nutrition, and exercise has resulted in [based on client testimonials] clearer thinking, increased energy, and a more positive outlook on life.

One of the most distinctive aspects of the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program is the step which involves spending time sweating in a dry heat sauna. There are several phases of the Narconon program, but the sauna may be the one for which Narconon is most well known, perhaps because it is so unique in comparison to other drug rehab programs. At the same time, this distinctive step is also one of the reasons that Narconon is recognized as being one of the most effective drug rehab programs around. The sauna detox plays a key role in the Narconon program, and it makes an enormous difference in the person’s ability to recover stably and on a lasting basis. There is more to this step, however, than simply sitting in a sauna. This phase of the program includes:

  • Taking a precise regimen of vitamins, minerals, oils and other nutritional supplements
  • Performing moderate exercise on a daily basis to stimulate circulation
  • Sweating in a dry heat sauna, with the duration of time spent in the sauna gradually being increased under careful supervision
  • Drinking adequate amounts of water to replace the fluids lost to sweating and to help flush the system out

Why does a Narconon student do all of this? The goal of the sauna detox is to give the person a fresh start physically by removing the accumulated residues of past drug use. Many drugs are not water soluble, which means that they have a tendency to leave the drug stream and then become lodged in the fatty tissues of the body. In other words, using drugs isn’t something that is over when you sober up after being high; a small amount of the drugs will usually be left in your body, where it can remain for years until released in moments when the fat is metabolized during experiences of physical or mental stress. The presence of these drug residues in your body can affect your physical and mental health, and the liability of having them places you at risk of experiencing powerful cravings when the residues are released back into your bloodstream. Simply quitting and getting sober doesn’t make a full recovery, and this explains why so many people relapse after rehab.

What Happens on the Narconon Sauna Program

Upon completion of the sauna detox program, Narconon students typically report feeling refreshed, more energetic and mentally brighter. They are no longer being burdened by the effects of past drug use, and aren’t susceptible to cravings caused by the release of drug residues. An additional benefit of this program is that it kickstarts the person’s physical recovery, with daily exercise, a healthy diet and consumption of nutritional supplements. After years of heavy drinking or drug use, the person is now living healthy and making great strides to a better lifestyle. Detox on the Narconon program involves more than simply get the person through the symptoms of withdrawal.

It goes far beyond that to undo many of the long-term effects of substance abuse in a way that other programs simply do not. The sauna detox takes different amounts of time for different people, because progress depends on how much accumulation of drugs there is to remove, but time on this step is well spent as it can make an enormous difference in determining the person’s success during and after the program. It is the answer to the question of why so many people fall back into drinking or using drugs after rehab, and is the missing piece to the puzzle of how to help a person make a full recovery from addiction.