Patients Discuss Sweat Out Process Through Narconon Sauna

saunaNarconon is different from other drug rehab programs, different in the approach that it takes and in the results that it achieves. Like many other programs, it includes counseling, but the counseling that a person receives on the Narconon program can’t really be compared with the talk therapy or group therapy that are so common in addiction treatment. It includes an educational component, but this again is not even really in the same league as the education that a person might expect to receive in a 28-day rehab or other similar setting. Understanding these differences requires extensive explanation of the steps of the program and the How and Why involved in them, but probably the easiest thing to point to that sets Narconon apart from other rehab programs is the sauna detox, known officially as the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. More than a simple detox to get a person through the phase of withdrawal, the sauna detoxification program serves to flush out the accumulated toxic residues left behind by years of substance abuse, freeing the person of the effects of these residues and giving him or her a fresh start.

Narconon Sauna Explained in Former Patient Video

Narconon graduates describe their experience on the sauna detox in a video posted online. One says, “I never realized how terribly drugs had affected my body. The sauna was probably one of the most beneficial parts of the program, I feel. When I had first started the sauna, I was kind of skeptical of what was actually going to happen. How much better could I actually feel?” Another tells us that “It was pretty much like getting my self back, for the first time since I began using drugs and alcohol.” The sauna detox essentially brings about a resurgence of the person from a physical standpoint. “My energy levels went through the roof,” says another man who completed the program. “I noticed I could smell things better. I felt like I could see things clearer. My thinking was clearer.”

Most drugs are not water soluble, with the result that minute particles of the substance tend to dissolve out of the blood stream and become lodged in the fatty tissues of the body. Walking around, living everyday life with the body polluted by drugs used in the past, can have an insidious effect on a person’s physical and mental health, and the sauna detox undoes these effects. The person enjoys physical improvements, such as one woman who says “I noticed my complexion coming back into my skin,” and an overall improvement in energy levels and sense of well-being, as summed up by the man who said in the video that “each day, you start waking up fresher.”

Narconon Sauna Detox Handles Drug Cravings

As impressive as all of this sounds in terms of giving a boost to a person who is recovering from addiction, it does not tell the full story. There is another major reason that Narconon includes the sauna detox, one that on its own justifies its inclusion, and it has specifically to do with the problem of relapse. Relapse is such a common occurrence that there is in fact a saying that “relapse is a part of recovery.” Many people take it for granted that a person who is recovering from addiction will at some point fall off the wagon, succumbing to the powerful cravings. This gives rise to the idea that addiction is something from which the person will never fully recover but can only hope to cope with for life. “Cravings actually have gone away,” says a man in the video about the sauna detox. Narconon effectively addresses this problem of cravings through the fact that the sauna detox rids the body of the residues of drug use. It has been found that the cravings which trigger a relapse are very often caused by the release of drug residues from the fat cells as they are metabolized in a moment of physical or emotional stress. The small amount of drugs in the bloodstream restimulates the experience of having drugs in the system, and the person feels a physiological demand for more of the drug. Flushing out the drug residues acts like cleaning up a mine field, removing the traps which can lie in wait for years into the future. “I finally felt like I wouldn’t need to use drugs for the rest of my life,” says a young woman in the video, and her words echo those of thousands of others who have completed the Narconon sauna detox.