How Sauna Detox Used at Narconon Has Helped Firemen Exposed to Chemicals

When most people think of the dangers faced by firemen in the line of duty, they get pictures of raging flames, collapsing buildings and smoke inhalation. As dangerous as all these are, they don’t represent the full picture when it comes to the hazards that present themselves to firefighters. Another serious health threat which threatens the lives of firefighters is the exposure to toxic chemicals, in incidents involving spills, explosions and fumes released in a conflagration. One of the most insidious aspects of this situation is the fact that toxic chemical exposure does not always affect a firefighter in a single, catastrophic event. In many cases, a fireman may be forced into early retirement and a lifetime of disability by the effects of gradual accumulation of the toxic burden resulting from several events over the course of a career. Chemical exposure is indeed one of the greatest health threats that confront firefighters, and in exchange for their years of brave service these men and women often end up with debilitating physical conditions that can make life miserable and cut one’s years short.

A solution to the effects of short- or long-term chemical exposure suffered by firefighters is available in the sauna detoxification regimen which is used in the Narconon drug rehab program. It is effective in this application on the same principle as it is used to cleanse the body of a recovering drug addict. Certain chemical substances are lipophilic, which means that they have a tendency to accumulate in the fat cells of the body. This category includes many of the toxins to which firefighters are exposed when fighting the flames. They breathe in the fumes or are exposed to them through the skin, the chemicals are absorbed into the fatty tissues of the body, and there they remain for years into the future. The person may notice over time that he or she no longer feels the same, that the vigor and vibrancy of earlier years are faded, and that life is now characterized by a daily struggle with various physical ailments. The sauna detox used on the Narconon program, known as the Hubbard method, can be used to undo these effects, and has been demonstrated to be effective through its application to tens of thousands of people and through published studies into its validity.

Hubbard Detox Method Used to Treat Firefighters

One such study was published in the November/December 1989 issue of the Archives of Environmental Health, in a report titled “Neurobehavioral Dysfunction in Firemen Exposed to Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs): Possible Improvement after Detoxification.” The study focused on the results achieved by using the Hubbard method to treat a group of 14 firemen who had been exposed to PCBs and their byproducts when fighting a fire, which occurred when a transformer exploded. They were compared to their fellow crewmembers at the same station who were not exposed during that incident, and were found to suffer from a number of cognitive impairments which their peers did not experience six months following the exposure. Six weeks later, the group of 14 were given a new round of testing, and they were found to have generally improved across the boards. The difference was that they had been given between 2 and 3 weeks of treatment using the Hubbard method.

Based on these results, it was concluded that the Hubbard method was effective in relieving the effects of exposure to PCBs and similar toxic chemicals. This finding should not be underestimated, since it means that the heroes who fight fires and save lives have a way to recover from potentially debilitating conditions that they suffer from only because they put their own safety at risk to protect others. The Hubbard method offers a fresh start to drug addicts, firefighters, and others whose lives have been ruined by chemical exposure.