Professional Counselor Study Shows Effectiveness of Narconon Sauna Program

A study done by Max Ben, PhD and published in Professional Counselor, Vol. 7 No. 3 shows the effectiveness of the Narconon Sauna Program.

Max Ben, PhD:

Max Ben, PhD, has served as director of corporate research at the Miles Laboratories and as director of research and development for the Rost Company. He has conducted research programs for the National Institutes of Health and has authored more than 90 publications on the subjects of toxicology, pharmacology, shock, and endocrinology. He has directed clinical data management programs and has had extensive interaction with regulatory agencies.

In his paper, entitled “Pharmacotherapy: Millions Spent, Little Gained” he outlines several flaws in the strategy used by traditional drug rehabilitation centers and speaks of the Narconon Sauna Program as the most effective program.

Flaw in the Traditional Strategy:

The use of drugs to treat drug addiction began back in the 1800s and has been a revolving door of problems since then. In the late 19th century Morphine was pushed as a solution to alcohol abuse. The 1889 Cincinnati Lancet-Clinic was quoted as saying, “Is it not the duty of a physician when he cannot cure an ill, when there is no reasonable ground for hope that it will ever be done, to do the next best thing — advise a course of treatment that will diminish to an immense extent great evils otherwise irremediable?” They then went on to say “The use of morphine in the place of alcohol is but a choice of evils, and by far the lesser.”

When morphine abuse became rampant and brought on enough social concern the pharmaceutical industry began searching for less addictive drugs. This lead them to the discovery of heroin. In 1901 Dr. Maurice B. Ahlborn wrote in the New York Medical Journal “Heroin will take the place of morphine without its disagreeable qualities. There seems to be no craving for the heroin awakened by its continual use, as the subsequent gradual withdrawal after its substitution has been attended with no particular craving.”

Today we know the addictive nature of both morphine and heroin and yet newer drugs are created and pushed, opioids like methadone which have been proved to be just as addictive are still used as treatment for heroin addiction.

The Narconon Sauna Program:

As outlined in his paper, the Narconon Sauna Program allows drug abusers to come off of drugs and get them out of their system without the use of more drugs, but instead vitamins and sweating in a sauna. This allows the body to rid itself of the fat soluble drugs that have logged themselves into the fat cells, causing cravings for drugs days, weeks and even years after the last intake of the drug.

By ridding the body of these impurities, the addict is able to move on without the physical substance changing his behavior and attitude towards drugs. You are then able to handle the mental reasons he turned to drugs to begin with knowing that you will be dealing only with the person himself and not the influence of the drug residues.

With more professionals coming to the conclusion that treatment of drugs with more drugs is only furthering the problem, a future where the standard treatment for addiction is an effective one that truly allows the addicts to recover is not far off. If you are looking for a treatment center for a loved one, ensure that the one you choose is an all natural clinic and not one that uses dangerous and addictive drugs to treat the addiction.